Water Mains and Supply Pipes

Water Mains and Supply Pipes

Until the 1960’s lead was used for almost all water supply pipes and although the water is treated by your local authority, small amounts of lead can find their way into the water you use. This also applies to rust from iron pipes.

The types of work we undertake can range from a small repair to a total replacement of your water supply pipe. Whether you need a new service pipe for your home or multiple service pipes for your development, we can take care of your needs. Our services in water main sections include trenchless repairs by using highly specialized equipment.

The method involves excavation a pit to launch the mole from and a reception pit to receive the mole. Once the ground has been moled the new water pipe is passed through this opening. Depending on the distance the pipe has to be installed over depends on the number of pits required.

Benefits of using trenchless moling:
  • Low operational and reinstatement costs
  • Less expensive than traditional trenching methods
  • Suitable for all soil conditions except rock
  • Minimal or no excavation beyond the necessary connection pits or termination points for the installed water main
  • Minimal disruption to the customer and customer’s property in comparison with traditional trenching techniques
  • Environmentally and socially beneficial
trenchless Water Mains and Supply Pipes
Underground water pipe replacement and repair

If you require replacement or repair services for your underground water pipe, look no further than Northants Drainage Ltd. We are on Anglian Water’s accredited scheme, whose members include plumbers/contractors who have shown that they work to the legal, mandatory standards.

Water supply pipes can leak freely with no surface evidence or signs of damage, but they could be doing the damage underground. You might only be aware of a leak after receiving a high water bill or a letter from the water company.

Water mains supply pipes Water Mains and Supply Pipes

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